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Steve Dasseos will write you back promptly, unless it’s the middle of the night (if the email time stamp’s at an odd hour you probably caught him up!).

Here’s why Steve wants your name:

  • You don’t have to give us your real name, though it helps us if you do just so we can keep track of who asks us what and what we tell you. Plus, when you call in your order we can find your info.
  • The other reason is because Steve doesn’t want to start his email to you as “Dear Anonymous,”. The internet and the whole world for that matter have gotten way too impersonal. You are a real person and you deserve to be addressed by a proper name. has travel medical insurance plans that cover up to US $100,000 medical with just a 180 day Lookback Period on pre-existing medical conditions.

And, if you need pre-existing medical conditions coverage, but don’t live in Quebec, one of our plans will cover any stable pre-existing medical conditions with no medical questionnaires. There are no medical questionnaires since this plan can easily be arranged to cover pre-existing conditions if you have a prepaid trip cost in the future, but before you depart on your trip.

If you don’t need pre-existing conditions coverage, it’s likely our prices will be too high for you because our plans cover all pre-existing conditions at the same cost. If this is the case for you, don’t waste your time filling out the form below.

Important Note: The prices on the only plan that covers all Pre-existing Medical Conditions have substantially increased.

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