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Mickie’s Grandfather’s Fully Paid
Travel Insurance Claim

My name is Mickie. I’d like to share our experience with and Steve Dasseos.

For the past 10+ years, my Grandparents have been escaping the Alberta winters by “Snowbirding” to Arizona for 5 months.

My Grandfather had some health issues requiring hospitalization (in Alberta) during the summer of 2010. He recovered and was looking forward to their planned travel back to Arizona in Oct of 2010. After giving his business to the same insurance provider for the past 10+ years, he was flat out refused for ANY insurance coverage by them, due to his hospitalization that summer. At the age of 88, we found that most insurance providers refused him insurance or the prices were extremely high with very little coverage and many confusing “sub-clauses”.

After scouring the internet, we came across Admittedly, at first, the My Travel Guard policy seemed too good to be true.

The ability to waive the 180 day look back period, regardless of his medical issue over the summer, seemed too good to be true. After asking many questions to a very patient Steve Dasseos, we were satisfied that we understood the policy and he purchased the “My Travel Guard” plan for $100,000 coverage.

In March of 2011, just days before my Grandparents were flying home to Alberta, my Grandfather was rushed to hospital in Arizona needing emergency surgery.

The insurance would be put to the test.

All of the hospital, doctor and surgery expenses were fully covered and it was without question or hassle. Travel Guard had a team of people that liaised between our family and the hospital to ensure my Grandfather received all he needed to recover. As a family, we felt huge relief that he was going to be okay, and after surgery and a 5 day stay in the hospital, was released and able to return back home to Alberta the first week of April without any medical expenses to pay.

Fast forward to Aug 2011. My Grandparents hoped to travel back to Arizona again for the 2011/2012 winter. I expected there to be some issue or limitation with his coverage since he now had a claim history. We were pleasantly surprised to find that his insurance cost did not increase at all and his coverage is as comprehensive as the previous season. My Grandmother chose to use as well and their flights are booked!

After going through this experience and seeing that the insurance coverage is reliable and solid, we want to do all we can to encourage other people to use Steve and

My fiancé and I are being joined by 40 guests in the Dominican Republic for our wedding in October 2011 and most of our guests have purchased their trip cancellation & medical insurance from Steve and his main website The pricing and coverage was better than that offered by the tour operator.

On behalf of my Grandparents Nick and Nancy, as well as our family…

Many thanks to Steve and his team at,

Edmonton, Alberta

Steve Dasseos’s note: If you want the same My Travel Guard plan with as Mickie’s Grandfather had, click here. You will have to open your mind to understand how our plan works.

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