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I was having great difficulty finding suitable travel insurance in Canada for our trip to the UK and I turned to the Trip Insurance Store for help. Steve called me in person to discuss my needs and provided me several excellent options (which were cheaper and better than anything I had found so far) and recommended one on them in particular to me. I was so pleased with the service he offered me, I am asking him for help with my next trip to the UK. – Paul T., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We did our business with Steve this year & last year. He is a very nice person & very easy to talk to. He makes sure you are satisfied with your insurance before he will rush you through & hang up the phone. I will surely spread the word about your insurance. Many thanks. Norma & Jesse M., Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada

I’m glad I came across your web page. I was very lucky to connect with Steve who answered the phone on Good Friday and calmed my fears that I would be able to find good coverage for my 80+ husband from Canada. Steve spent much time explaining various plans and the pros and cons to each. Steve, thank you for all your help over numerous phone calls and your expertise in advising the appropriate plan for my hubby. Dominican here we come! Mary T. Ontario, Canada

I thought it was very nice the way you handled things. Even the thank you letter you sent for doing business with you. It’s not very often you get that kind of customer service anymore. Mary R., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

My son called from Florida to finalize our travel plans he was given all the pertinent infomation and great customer support. Many Thanks, Myra H., Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

You have great customer service and followup. Bercu M., Westmount, Quebec, Canada

Hey guys, just keep doing what you’re doing ! I was totally impressed with the knowledge, experience, helpful advice, the personal service (which travel insurance broker calls you before leaving for your trip these days …?) and the price. I’ve recommended your company to many of my friends and relatives. Frank G., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Friendly & knowledgeable agents. I just bought 2 travel insurance policies one for myself & the other for my wife. It was an easy, friendly, professional transaction with Denise. She made some recommendations & I took her advice. I hope everything else will be as smooth as this experience. John D., North York, Ontario, Canada

I love you guys! I already recommended you to 3 of my friends”. John D., North York, Ontario, Canada

My claim went well and was paid quickly! Thanks for your help. You guys were wonderful. I have no trouble recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you! Susan B., Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for your help. It made our selection of a package much simpler and clearer. We will be making the purchase through your site so that you get the credit for the sale. Sincerely, George L., Calgary, Canada

This is the third year we have purchased your snowbird insurance. Though we have not had file any claims to date we have been impressed with your friendly and courteous staff. We have given your toll free number and web site address to many of our snowbird friends. Thank you. Betty and John J., Vernon, British Colombia, Canada

I have been dealing with Steve for the past 4 or 5 years….I guess it’s proof enough of my “smile of satisfaction”! Thank you and Good Luck! Paulette M., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have been telling everyone how good the values are and I will be back. David D., Prince George, British Colombia, Canada

I was completely satisfied with the information and service you provided, and will definitely recommend you to my friends. George L., Calgary, Canada

I have recieved the best customer service from your company. You guys are the greatest. Viola T., Ontario, Canada

I’m very impressed with the minimal amout of paperwork and your low prices. Several friends referred me to you. I’ll be sending lots of business your way. Margaret G., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I like the way your company responded so quickly to solve a recently problem that I encountered with a policy mixup. Steve kept his word and got ahead of the problem even if it meant having to work on the problem on a weekend, when he could have been doing other things. You’re a great company to deal with. Henry S., Dundas, Ontario, Canada

You have very good customer service and followup after the sale. Bercu M., Westmount, Quebec, Canada

This is quick and easy to get the trip insurance. It is so fast and easy to get our trip insurance through this company. Every one is so nice to deal with and the confirmation is quickly e-mailed to us. This is our third time with getting trip insurance with this Trip Insurance Thank you so much. Joyce T., Rimbey, Alberta, Canada

Dear Steve, Thank you for everything. I am really happy to have obtained my travel insurance from you on one of the Companies you trust. Rest assured that I will recommend your store to friends and relatives who need travel insurance. Best wishes. Yours truly, Ramanathan P., Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

You have been a GOD send to us, otherwise we were planning to sell our Florida home – Thanks, and we have already told our friends about you, and gave them your toll free #. Tara was very helpful. Thanks to her, too. Yours sincerely, Conrad W., Harrow, Ontario, Canada

I used your services for the first time in April of this year. Your website was recommended to me by a friend and I was NOT disappointed. I found your info relatively easy to navigate through and then when I did make a phone call to book some insurance, I was answered promptly by a voice and not an automated machine. Thanks very much and I will certainly be making use of your services again. Bernard S., Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for your help with my recent purchase. Steve was great at answering my questions. Trip Insurance does a good job of answering most question, but it is great that we can call and talk to someone when we want further or expanded information. Antonia M., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Fast service, very friendly customer service representative (Deanna) and the price was reasonable. Gordon S., Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Thanks, The employee was clear, and quick. Antionetta A., Branson, Ontario, Canada

This is an excellent site, easy to use. I especially apreciate the price comparison. Frank G., Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Hi Steve, I wanted to say Thank You for your offer of assistance today with my complaint about Travel Guard and the handling of my claim. I will use your service again as it was excellent and I would recommend it to friends! Thanks, Sharon P., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I have travelled with Trip Insurance before and found them excellent. Will always contact them when I go abroad again. Reginald B., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Trip Insurance seems like a reliable, and easy to use company to deal with. All too often I rent cars and purchase the LDW at $25 a day or more, and never have a problem with the car, but I wondered were there other options….sure enough! My rental hasn’t occurred yet, but I’m sure things will go smoothly! George E., Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

After purchase I had a question which was answered fullyby the boss!! Thank you for your help,your knowledge of the product and your patience. Doris S., Picton, Ontario, Canada

Awesome – thanks for the quick assistance! I received great service from you’s last year, and I didn’t think of anyone else when planning this trip! This is from Sherry B., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

You have wonderful insurance. You were very easy to work with & deal with. It was unbelieveable. I’ve just never had coverage like this. Trip Insurance Store even called me. Frank D., Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

This is wonderful & you’ve been wonderful to deal with. John R., Calgary, Albert, Canada

Hi Deanna: We have returned from Florida safe and sound. – no problems thus no claims. Thanks again for your efficient service. Mary B., Palmerstown, Ontario, Canada

I will most definitely recommend the trip to my friends – Very impressed with the quick and accurate service that I received. Thank you. Lizanne D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much policy number received …..great service. Lillian St-Cyr., Quebec, Canada

The pleasant attitude over the phone is reflection of a happy and smiling person at the other end, always had great communication with everyone. Thank you, Jean F., Calgary, AB Canada

This is the first time we have used your company and feel that the premiums are too good to be true. But, we feel so lucky to have found you. We have not had our vacation yet, but once we return from our vacation we will inform you of ant problems we may have had or to inform you that we were fully satisfied and that we will be contacting you again in the New Year. Raymond Davis, St. John’s, NL, Canada

Awesome to deal with. Thank you so much for making our first time at planning a vacation by ourselves that much easier and that much safer :o) And yes, we will definitely recommend!!! Take care, Rachel & Bill Allen, Weyburn, SK Canada

Thank you for the email. I have purchased insurance from you and it was so painless. Hopefully, we won’t need to use it, but if we do will let you know our experiences. Thanks again, Fran W., Edmonton, AB, Canada

I enjoyed talking with your represtatives they were very informative. Thanks Hartley V., Erieau, ON, Canada

Thanks Steve, For the clarification. I love your site and people. You are the only insurance site I’ve contacted that calls a spade a spade when explaining things………nice and simple and actually have answered my question. Others I’ve contacted about their policies just give me the old politician run a round and never really answer the question………so that’s why I’m going to always purchase from your site. Greatly appreciated! Patricia T., Whitby, ON, Canada

Your information was very helpful, I did not know the difference between primary and secondary coverage and was glad to find out, your quck comparison chart was also very helpful. I am glad I found your website. Victor W., Copper Cliff, ON, Canada

You have very prompt service and the best online service I have had you really should be proud of your staff. Thomas C., Abbotsford, BC

Thank you for giving travel insurance to so many seniors. Your service is greatly appreciated by me. Vince D., Caledon, ON

My type of Service – Deanna you are a fantastic people person. Dinesh, Mississauga, ON

When we first started looking for out of country insurance we were horrified at the prices. As you can see we were very happy to see your Snowbird Insurance ad at the right hand side of the screen. We just followed the prompts and purchased online….No fuss or muss. Thanks again. Carol R., Bracebridge, ON

Deanna is great. Used for three years, recommended to friends. Ron M., Toronto, ON

Hi Deanna…received your e-mail…many thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure talking with you and with someone so pleasant and informative. Thanks again! Gerard and Dolores R., Bayfield, ON

I recieved your post card and want you to know that all went well on my trip. Give my best to Steve and to let Tara know all went well and thank you.” Paulette M., Toronto, ON

Thank you for your prompt reply. I was seeking travel / health Insurance for my 82 year old mother to go from Canada to her great granddaughter’s in Florida. Other companies’ quotes were so off the scale that she would have not paid the premiums. Thanks to you she can travel. Sharon A., Oshawa, ON

You are very pleasant to deal with. We have dealt with your agent Deanna very pleasantly and we will recommend you to all our friends who need your services. Thank you & GBU, Anton K., Richmond Hill, ON

Very trustfull and friendly Tara, Steve and the whole office. We all ready recomended toour friends and they very happy with the service. Edith and Tibor L., Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC

I am writing on behalf of Margaret D___. We have been so pleased at how this was all handled the first time that we came back again. I am also going to get my insurance through you. Suzannah G., Victoria, BC

I really appreciate companies who want to make a difference in the way business is done and you are one of those companies. I recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you so much. Johanna P., Port Hood, NS, Canada

Margaret and I have been so pleased at how this was all handled the first time that we came back again. I am also going to get my insurance through you. Suzanna G., Victoria, BC, Canada

Dear Steve, Your advertising is clever and it works. I randomly picked Trip Insurance for comparison and found that CSA fits the bill. Since your prices are the same as the insurance company, I’ll use you every thie we travel in the future. Gerry F., Ottawa, ON, Canada

I had a large claim last year and it was handled very good. I have been treated real good. It’s too bad that this policy can’t continue and we will have to look for other coverage next year. Perhaps there will be something by then. It is a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks. Allan O., Kelowna, BC, Canada

So far,it would appear that you understand good old customer service. Customer service is something that’s missing in so many places we try to do business today. Thank You Deanna. Pete S., Listowel, ON

Steve and Becky, Thank you both, your respective customer service skills are awesome!!! I have recommended Travel Guard to several of my friends and I will come back to you. Sincerely, Art K., Ontario, Canada

What a great company to deal with. So quick and polite and friendly. I will use the company again. Ann S., Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

Becky was a wonderful help to us with our travel insurance claim. Ruby B., Nine Mile River, BC, Canada

What a great company to deal with. So quick and polite and friendly. I will use the company again. Ann S., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You have excellent service. I always find your staff polite and helpful. John H., Vaudreuill, Quebec, Canada

We had a most enjoyable trip to Vegas with Frank and Roxanne D., who had recommended you to us. I will carry your Toll Free # in my wallet to provide info to my friends who need travel insurance for their travel plans. Thanks for a worry free vacation. Eula and Kelly B., Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

I have dealt with Becky twice now. I am so pleased when I called, Becky personally answered the phone, no numbers to push. She even sent me her business card. Personal contact is great. Clem S., Lacombe, AB, Canada

Customer Service Rep, Becky, was very helpful and courteous. She answered my questions without hesitation. Again, thank you Becky. Joyce H., Oakville, Ontario, Canada

As a Canadian I am glad to have this choice to deal with you wonderful people. I have been getting my insurance from you for quite a few years. Hartley V., Erieau, ON, Canada

Becky was very very GOOD and on all my questions thanks again Becky. Lorne H., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Just wanted to say hi, and that we will definitely be using you for our travel insurance again – 3rd time in as many years – your service and prices are great, I won’t even look at the ‘offered packages’ on flight/travel sites. Thanks again – it’s nice to just pop your address in and know I’m not going to overpay for insurance packages – and I even get a choice! Sherry B., Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

This is the fourth year we are using your company, had no problems or claims in the past so far it’s OK. Paul O., Ottawa, ON

Hi Steve, Thank you for the crisp $1 bill and providing the travel insurance claim tips. I really appreciate you and your staff’s assistance throughout this process. Everyone was always courteous and helpful. I will certainly recommend Trip Insurance to friends and family, especially when Canadian travel insurance companies do not offer any coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. Sincerely, Wendy J., Burnaby, BC

Thank you so much. I know now why you are “dubbed” the Guru of Travel Insurance! We’ll have no qualms about dealing with you when making future travel plans. I do trust you’re not going to retire in the near future? Thanks again, Steve, and all the best to you in 2009. Sincerely, Verna & Art K., Alberta, Canada

Very fast service – I had the policy within an hour via e-mail. You were recommended by a friend, and after checking your BBB report I had no hesitation in using your company Thank you, Shirley L., Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Steve, thank you for your attention to this matter. Your service is greatly appreciated. Keith S., Ajax, Ontario, Canada

As with any new company, or product one is always a little uneasy. That was the case with us for last years travel insurance. The proof was in the pudding however ’cause after a couple of small claims and the promptness in which they were handled has definitely played a part in our re-newing again with your company for this winters travels. Again many thanks for your dilligence. We will recommend you to our friends and neighbors. Robert M., Grand Bend, ON

Deanna was great. I spent nearly 3 hours trying to find the insurance I wanted and got it from her in 5 minutes! Great job. I’m very happy and you can use my comments if you want to. Gordon S., Burlington, ON

Takes 2 minutes to order a policy. EXCELLENT Morton K., Montreal, QC

Have used your Travel Insurance services for many years … and have been Satsfied with the service your staff has given. Have recommended your service to friends … as far as Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Patricia M., Chateauguay, Quebec

I have the e-mail and the mailed copy. Thank you for checking. I will definitely do repeat business with you. I am very impressed with the service level that I have received with your company. Thank you for all of your assistance. Have a great day. Colleen C., Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

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